APEX has finally arrived!

After months of waiting, due to Medicaid and their issues with a 25 inch wheel and not having a code for it, working out what they would and would not pay for, my chair finally arrived.  I had to compromise on the Carbon v. Aluminum model, which is a bummer, as light as the one I received is, I can’t imagine how light the carbon frame is, but, we get what we get.

First Impression:  Wow, this is a slick looking chair.  Compared to the older TiLight I was using as a loaner from the DME, this is a Ferrari.  It’s mainly black, has an amazing back cushion, which feels great, right out of the box.  It came with carbon side guards that easy to install/uninstall and work perfectly.   The 2 in wheel camber compared to the 0 in on the loaner is great, the chair seems much more nimble, especially noticable when turning in place.  We adjusted the camber bar so my center of gravity is better, allowing me to wheelie much easier.  I use a J2 Deep Countour 18×18 cushion and the 19×19 is on it’s way to match the chair, but so far the 18×18 hasn’t given me any issues.

As far as the frame goes, it’s super-lightweight.  Getting this in the car compared to the loaner will be a huge difference and will get me out the house a lot more.  Some days the thought of dealing with that loaner chair were too much to and I’d just stay home.  That excuse is gone now, as this chair is light enough to pick up and throw across the room, especially after removing the wheels.

Some of the finer points:

  • The Brakes:  I opted for the Newton Grade Aid locks which are awesome, basically a short click allows me to wheel forward but the chair will not roll backwards, a full click and the chair is locked in place.  This will make inclines that are so steep I need a break very easy to navigate.
  • The Wheels:  I also opted for the Newton Gravity Pneumatic wheels which so far are awesome, they are quiet on the hardwood floors in my house and ride extremely smoothly.
  • The Footplate:  I also opted for the Newton Carbon Fiber adjustable foot rest, which is extremely comfortable, so no complaints there.
  • The Tube Arm Rests:  These needed adjusted and I have to admit aren’t very comfortable on my arms, but I doubt I use them much, if at all, fortunately, they install/uninstall very easily in the cane holders and they adjusted very easily as well to the height I need.
  • The Hand-Rims:  I opted again for the Newton Airgrips.  These are amazing.  They are almost sticky and definitely maximize the energy you put into propelling the chair.  They are much easier on my hands and so far I love them.

As far as the ride goes, it’s unbelievably smooth compared to the loaner chair, extremely nimble and very, very quick.   I can’t overstate how fast this chair is with the combination of the weight, the airgrips and the wheels.

I will make a GoPro video of the chair in a week or so after taking it out on the town and really giving using it for more than a few hours, giving it the review it deserves, but for now, I’m extremely pleased.


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  1. Contact http://www.motioncomposites.com and download the order form then locate your local Medical Device Eqipment seller and tell them this is what you want. They will work with your insurance company, Medicare, Medicaid or if you are self-pay they will measure you for a fee so you can fill out the order form then you can send it off yourself and work with the company to purchase on your own.


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